Renaissance Wonder Woman

A couple of years ago, I decided to remake a couple of my old faire outfits into a new one. After some planning I came up with a Wonder Woman inspired Ren faire outfit. Here are some old photos of my process and the final costume.



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When cosplay goes wrong: Marvin the Martian head


I am sure that we all have been there. Start a major project for your next big convention that you are going to. Pour your heart and soul into this piece four hours, weeks even. Some may even pour a lot of money into the piece. Then you take a step back too admire that item. That is when you realize that all of your hard work over the past few weeks is absolute JUNK.

Your heart sinks. Wonder why you even went down this path to make this item when you could have used something else. You feel like all of the money and time that you put into it is wasted. What do you do now?

After some morning , you brush yourself off and start work on Plan B. Or Plan G, if you are like me.

We all have been there. It is never fun to be in that position and have to start all over. But I believe that part of the magic of cosplaying is that journey that you take to make the costume. The ups and downs along the way to get you to that final piece.

In the spirit of this, I would like to introduce the first post in a series of many. When Cosplay Goes wrong. Today’s edition showcases the beginning process of me making my Marvin the Martian head. And boy, was it bad.

This was round 1 of making the head. I started out with using pipe cleaners for my base buy spacing them out with 1 inch spacers. It started off ok with this method. The shape was exactly how I wanted it and it was light weight.  Then it slowly went down hill when I tired to add the first layer to the base. I was using grafter tape because it was cloth and again, light weight for me. But because I did this, the pipe cleaners didn’t hold their shape. Thinking that this was ok and it would all be better after a layer of paper machete,  I continued on.



Yep, as you guessed it, it didn’t hold it’s shape. I didn’t realize that this wasn’t going to work out until AFTER I added the second layer of paper machete. It was only until after I left it to dry for three days that I realized I made a gigantic moon rock instead of a helmet. Yep.  This is the point where I said I needed to go back to square one.


What you see before you is plan c.  Before this, I was trying to use two plastic serving dishes that I got at dollar tree.  It almost worked, but it was just a little too narrow for the shape that I was trying to get. After a while, I just gave up and bought punching balloons that I could use for the shape of the helmet.  This turned out to be the perfect thing to use. Why I didn’t do it in the first place? I can’t tell you why. it just never occurred to me.



Next came the filler, sanding, and painting. This took forever and a half to do. I was trying to make the surface smooth and shinny, but I did the process wrong. I should have used a better method of paper machete and used plati-dip before I did anything. It’s not the worst thing, but I would defiantly do things differently next time.

Next disaster was the eyes. It took forever to do the eyes. Since this is Marvin’s only way to express him,  I wanted to make sure that this was perfect.  After an hour of two,  and many nagging questions to my boyfriend later, I finally got the result that I was looking for.

That is it for this edition. I am sure that there is going to be many more of these to come in the future. What were some epic costume fails that you had? I would love to hear some of your stories in the comments!

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$50 and Under Cosplay: Mary Poppins

(Previously Posted on my old site)

Mary Poppins

I am sure many of you have seen a version of this cosplay all over Pinterest. Why not? Its from an amazing childhood movie and it looks awesome. Not to mention that I love to bring out the English accent whenever I can. So I bring you my Mary Poppins cosplay for under $50.

White Long sleeve shirt: $0

But you can find one at a thrift store for $7. Preferably get one that buttons all the way up to your neck. In my case, I had to pin mine to make it look like this.

Black skirt: $0

I had this skirt hiding in my closet, but you can find one similar here for $13

Black tights: $0

I always have black tights on hand, but head to your local clothing store for some $10 tights if you don’t own a pair.

Black heels/boots: $0

I had the perfect pair of heeled boots that fit for the costume. Any black shoes will work for this costume.

Red belt: $1

I just visited my local craft store for basic red ribbon. They luckily had one for a buck that was the width I need.

Hat: $6

I made my hat for under $6 (not including glue and things like that). Visit this post to see how I made the hat.


Believe it or not, this was the most expensive part of my costume. I am sure you can find a red bowtie out there ( Thanks to Doctor Who for making them popular). But if you can’t, follow our bowtie tutorial to make your own.

Total:  $20
Without everything I already own:$46

Not bad huh? I was able to pull this together for a last minute costume event that I had that night. Now who wants to go watch Mary Poppins with me?

xo Amanda


Lady Loki- From Start to Finish

I do love a challenge when it comes to costuming. This past fall I challenged myself to make a new Renaissance faire outfit with only using things that I currently own. The main reasoning behind this is that I had no money to buy all sorts of fabric. So deep into my stash I go, hunting for anything that goes together in some sort.

Though my hunting I found an old shirt that I had bought many faire’s ago that I just never found the right outfit for. Since I was on a budget, I decided to make an outfit that fit this shirt. Thankfully I had a ton of black fabric scraps to make into a vest to go over this shirt.

As I work, I start to notice something. This out fit is strangely looking like a Norse trickster that loves to cause mischief. And that is when it hit me. I will make a Lady Loki outfit.

Because I have an awesome mom, I had this really cool velvet that I had never used. I was waiting for the right project to come along. And for those who know me, know that I love capes. Boom! The Perfect project.  It seemed too good to be true. Lady Loki was coming together without me really stressing about what to make. It was all meant to be.

Fast forward to the faire a couple of weeks later. I walked around causing mischief. It was there that I happen to meet a fellow faire goer that was dressed as Thor. It was epic! A little while later we meet another Lady Loki. I don’t think the other faire goers knew what to expect.

The best part of this all? I spent a total of  $16 on this costume. I just had to buy a few more glue sticks and gold paint that I had run out of. And I splurged and bought some bracelets to go along with the outfit. I had too! They were too cute!